Building a shopping cart with SignalR, ASP.NET Web API and Knockout.js

In this tutorial we will go through a process of building a sample shopping cart with real time capabilities. On top of that, we’ll also throw in a real time admin order overview.

The technologies used will include:

  • Knockout.js – for reactive client side data binding
  • ASP.NET Web API – as an API to retrieve data and send orders to the server side
  • SignalR – to notify interested parties in changes to the item stock quantities & order status

Since the topic of building a functional e-commerce solution is obviously extremely broad, we will take a few simplifications, which will allow us to focus our attention on the real time aspects of the cart and avoid distractions. We will treat security (user login/logout) and data persistence (we’ll just store the data in memory) as out of scope.

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Broadcasting Database Changes Through SignalR

In this article, Ricardo Peres shows how to detect database changes and notify interested parties through SignalR.

Purpose is to:

  • Have a generic class that, given a database connection and SQL string that illustrates the changes I would like to detect, starts monitoring them, and raises an event whenever it sees changes;
  • I also want a SignalR hub that I can call from the outside – in this case, the changes event – and broadcasts a message about these changes.

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