Git commit deadlock – uncommitted change would be overwritten by merge


When I was trying to Sync the changes after Commit using VS 2013 Git I got error message

“An error occurred. Detailed message: 1 uncommitted change would be
overwritten by merge”

and Pull action is cancelled.

So I tried to find out the solution for the error and found that:

This error comes when there are Untracked files that were not part of the local Commit, but are part of the remote Pull; the merge resolution cannot deal with this scenario.

Solution :

  1. View the Team Explorer > Changes dialogue.
  2. Verify that any Untracked files that actually reside in the server branch are to be included in your Commits; to do this, right-click and select Add. Alternatively, if you intend them to be overwritten, you can select Delete.
  3. Perform a Commit, and then a Pull, and perform any merge conflict resolution that is required.
  4. Perform a Push to update your Remote repository.

Hope this will help !!!