10 Angular and TypeScript Projects to Take You From Zero to Hero

There are a lot of great samples and posts out there to help get you started with Angular (version 2 or higher) as well as ES6/ES2015 and TypeScript. However, some are out of date, some may be more complex than you want to start with, and others have been abandoned and are no longer maintained. In this post I’m going to provide a list of 10 Angular/TypeScript projects that I’ve created that can take you from “Zero to Hero” if you like to explore project code and are interested in investing the time to learn.

Full Article on Code With DAN : https://blog.codewithdan.com/2017/02/08/10-angular-and-typescript-projects-to-take-you-from-zero-to-hero/

Hope this will help 🙂

StackBlitz — Online VS Code IDE for Angular & React

StackBlitz is an online IDE where you can create Angular & React projects that are immediately online & shareable via link… in just one click. It automatically takes care of installing dependencies, compiling, bundling, and hot reloading as you type.

StackBlitz feels & functions exactly like your local DEV environment.

Start using it and provide your feedback to team who created this online IDE for us 🙂

Reference: https://medium.com/@ericsimons/stackblitz-online-vs-code-ide-for-angular-react-7d09348497f4