About Me

What I do

I write software using Microsoft web technologies since 2008. I have successfully delivered software products for Fortune 500 companies and startups.


MCA from NICM, Gujarat University.


  • .Net , .Net Core, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core
  • Web Services, Web API, WCF,
  • SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • AWS Cloud Services

Domain Knowledge:

  • Sports Management System
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • E-Commerce ( B2B / B2C )
  • Library Management System
  • Online Legal Advice
  • Gaming Portal Development

Certifications, Achievements & Awards Received

1) My various articles got listed as “Article of the day” at ASP.NET Microsoft Official Website. You can check them at Category: Awards & Recognition.

2) MCTS .NET 4.0 Web App

3) MCC 2011 Award

Microsoft Community Contributor Award

4) Course Completion Certificate of Udemy for AZURE

5) Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate [AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure]

53 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Sandeep,

    Nice blog with great content and post. Hope you getting good traffic.
    Currently I guess you dont have higher page rank so lets start link exchange.

    I would be more than happy to add your link in my blog, which will be displayed at


    Just add my link somewhere in blog for the mutual benefits.

    1. Hi KK,
      I have added your links in my blog in Useful link section …
      you can also add my link & increase traffic of our sites..

      Thanks & Regards
      Ramani Sandeep

    1. I will post answers some day…right now i do not have collection of each Q & A at one place. once it get done. i will post Answers as well.

      Ramani Sandeep

  2. Hi Sandeep;

    Thanks for the blog and information you are sharing with us. I am also a Software Developer working here in Sharjah, UAE. Sandeep please help me if you can refer me for any suitable job for me in India as I am trying to set back in India.

    If you need any further details do let me know.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mohammed Hameed.

    1. there is nothing like register to post a query here.. this is personal blog so you can read the article posted by me & put yr comments or query regarding articles.

      hope this helps !!!

  3. Nice Blog and I am going to congratulate you to get higher traffic within your blog.There are a lot of information within your blog which is really helpful for worldwide developers and they can learn and also get a solution for their technical problem .

    It is really good that you are giving extra time to maintaining the blog and give revert back answer to all world wide developer.

    Best of luck for your upcoming career.

    1. @Jigar : Thanks a lot & i hope i will continue my work with your blessings and wishes.

      Sandeep Ramani

    1. Hi Krishna,
      Thanks for the comments but sir things sounds too big for me. I am not sir at all. I am just a developer like you. I hope thru this blog i can share some thoughts that can be helpful to others.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Sandeep Ramani

    1. Hi Krishna,

      PPT file is made from PowerPoint program, it cannot be shown in Flash player directly. But you can convert your PowerPoint presentation to Flash and then play the presentation in Flash player, it is ideal for controling the playback.

      View more, please go to its official Website:

  4. I want to make Registration form using jquery (like dialog form in jquery). So please give some hint or idea for that?

    Thanks In Advance if u could help me or not.

  5. Thanks for information

    how to do javascript validation function for accepting only text ?

    I tried following to function but they are taking all characters and i want when user entering input into textbox except alphabets it would not take.

    here i m passing my control’s id in ctlid.

    function CharOnly(ctlid)
    var ctlObj = document.getElementById(ctlid);
    var field = ctlObj.value;
    if (!field.value.match(/^[a-zA-Z]+$/))
    alert(“Please Enter only letters in text”);
    return false
    function alpha(e) {
    var k;
    document.all ? k = e.keyCode : k = e.which;
    return ((k > 64 && k 96 && k < 123) );

    function checkName(ctlid)
    re = /^[A-Za-z]+$/;
    alert('Valid Name.');
    alert('Invalid Name.');



    1. Hi Vishakha,
      Restrict users from typing any char except a-z/A-Z…
      You can do with function you have written here with little modification like this :

      function checkName(ctlid)
      re = /^[A-Za-z]+$/;
      return true;
      return false;}


      Now call this function like this : onkeypress=”return checkName(this)”

      I hope this will solve your problem,

      Sandeep Ramani

  6. Hi sandeep.
    I m doing work on Enrollment module & on main page where i taking essential information of the volunteer. now there is one button called Other Information. now here i want to use jquery to enter Other Information not want another form but on same page. here i m using panels which containing so many detail information like contact,personal,social etc. when i click on save al information must be saved.

    So pls could you help me in Jquery?

      1. hi Sandeep

        I want to make it without tab. But thank You for help. I did it with modelpopExtender.

        I m facing now another Problem
        Here i write following function. i m trying to disable panel & its control If someone select male from dropdown outside panel (its id Panel_Menopause”). Panel Contain radio bottons.

        function checkGender() {
        sourceElement = document.getElementById(“Drp_gender”);
        var pid = document.getElementById(“Panel_Menopause”);
        // //volrect.aspx?g=sourceElement.value
        alert(“Hello ” + sourceElement.value);

        alert(document.getElementById(“Panel_Menopause”).disabled + “jkkjk”);
        if (sourceElement.value == ‘female’) {
        // alert(“Hi Female”);
        pid.disabled =false;

        pid.disabled = true;

    1. Hi Vishakha, So you mean to say that you want to disable or hide the panel? when you select male/female from DropDownList right? if this is the case than try this code :

      function OnSSChange()
      var elementDDL = document.getElementById('');
      var selectedelementDDL = elementDDL.options[elementDDL.selectedIndex].value;

      var BenchPanel =document.getElementById('');
      if (selectedelementDDL > 2 )
      BenchPanel .style.display = 'none';
      BenchPanel.style.display = 'block';

      On Page_Load :

      ddlCallStatus.Attributes.Add("OnChange", "OnSSChange()")

      Hope this will help !!!

    2. Got the answer


      function ED() {

      var ddl = document.getElementById(“DropDownList1″);

      var div_to_disable = document.getElementById(”).getElementsByTagName(“input”);
      var children = div_to_disable; //.childNodes;
      for (var i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
      if (ddl.value == 'Male') {
      children[i].disabled = true;
      else {
      children[i].disabled = false;




      1. Hi Vishakha, Please try the code i have posted here. just disable the panel , not all the elements with ‘input’ tag. Why you need to loop thru the code. in just a one line you can also disable to panel you want to disable. Hope you are getting what i am trying to tell you. Try code posted by me. It will definately help you. if still you face any issue. let me know.

        Sandeep Ramani

  7. Hi Ramani,

    Am fresher and would like to know about your code related to news scrolling. It was half code and could not understand what is the css thats been used and the aspx page. please help me as it will solve me a bigger problem.


    1. Hi Sudha,
      If you are talking about the article i have written on my blog than it has all the code that is necessary to run and display news as scrolling. As far as CSS is concern, That is only for formatted purpose. it has nothing to do with scrolling news.

      Hope this will help !!!!

      Sandeep Ramani

  8. Hi Sandeep,

    I want to find duplication on blur/change event using two textbox values. If duplication found then take conformation for want to see history or not . If want to see data then click ok/yes & open that data on grid view on modalpopup Extender. If do not want then click on NO.

    Please possible then help me for this ASAP.

    Thank You…..

  9. Hello Boss,
    I was searching on google but suddnly saw ur blog it so useful…
    How to create login page in asp.net and also how to store username or password in database????

  10. Hi Ramani,
    I have a question here on WCF. Have checked various blogs but couldn’t find a proper answer. We have a WCF service application in which the service is exposed as a traditional asmx service to support a non-wcf client. And client access the link using SOAP URL directly in their configuration file (the asmx link). Now the question is since the service is exposed as an asmx service, also the service is decorated with service behaviour along with webservice attributes . All the web methods inside are decorated as webmethods. Now, we I happen to enable WCF auditing, in the behaviour section of config file, will this work for this service that is exposed as an asmx service. Kindly, reply me ASAP.

  11. Thanks Ramani for that reply. How do I actually test that wcf auditing feature. Because I heard in some operating systems it logs as application log and in some as security log. But, even after enabling I couldn’t see that log in event log unfortunately. Is it necessary to use messagelogging also to check auditing. I hope not. Just by enabling wcf auditing in the config with the below code didn’t help me.

    Like how do I basically confirm that auditing is happening. Ideally in the application log/security log I should see a category with service audit. But I am not seeing any such category. ONly general window audit security logs are seen under security log. And in the application log, I didn’t see any such category as well. I am working on a windows xp system. But it should have logged under appication log. But didn’t. Could you help on this?

  12. Hi Ramani

    I came across this old article you wrote a while back. http://ramanisandeep.net/2009/10/28/multiple-file-upload-using-jquery/

    I followed the article and it worked, with 1 problem though: using google chrome, the file upload adds the multiple files, but then still leaves the writing “No File Selected” on the control. Is there a way to over-ride this and remove it since the files have been selected? Apart from that, this plug-in u created is super.

    Looking forward to your response.


  13. Your posting about Export to Excel – Multiple GridView into Multiple Worksheet

    Causes the following error:

    XML PARSE ERROR: Missing whitespace between attributes Error occurs at or below this element stack:

    Do you know what might cause that to happen? THe entire workbook will not open and gets corrupted.
    Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Michael Franklin

  14. hi sandeep sir ,
    Now i have learning wcf ,basic concepts i have wcf project like insert,update ,delete and shown in gridview are understand but i cant how to secure this project i can’t understand pls help me or some referal url give me sir ..
    all are said wcf project is more secure

  15. hi Sandeep, I am a newcomer into your blog. thank you for your valuable expertise seen in codeproject platform. I need badly to get in touch with you via your email address in due to ask you some help and guidelines about a small project I inted to do with respect to .NET framework vers. 4 and visual Studio 2010, I received a SDK to integrate andI do not know how to start ! Any help from you will be very appreciated. Thank you Jean-Thommy

  16. hi Sandeep, Am fresher and would like to know about your code related to calendar using repetorcontrol in asp.net

  17. Hello Ramani,
    I have a small problem. Hope to get the solution. I want to display the data in a datagridview based upon the combo box selection. That means when I write something in the first column of the datagridview, then another tabular window appears just below the row containing the records. Then on selecting the row, the records gets placed on the main datagridview row. The process continues.

    1. Simple solution would be.I don’t have readymade code for this. but you can do:
      1) Give select link rather than type in the textbox.
      2) on click Select link , open popup box which will display another gridview with checkbox
      3) select one row by checkbox and press ok/select button in popup
      4) Save selected row data in ViewState.
      5) Now get viewstate data and add that row data on parent gridview row by using rowindex.

      I hope this will help !!!

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