AngularJS vs KnockoutJS

Eli Weinstock-Herman has created serie of articles to explain difference of AngularJS and KnockoutJS.

The thing is, Knockout and AngularJS are attempting to solve two different problems. One is simply an MVVM binding framework, the other is a SPA-in-a-box solution. So instead of trying to directly compare the two frameworks.

Here are the capabilities discussed:

Data binding – bind HTML elements to JavaScript data models
Validation – validation of raw inputs by applying rules for fields or model properties
Serialization – easy method for serializing models to POST to server-side APIs
Templating – define HTML templates for re-usable complex collections of HTML
Modules + DI – keep my javascript files separate, help me order them properly, manage dependencies for me
Automated Testing – Exploring unit testing and possibilities for higher level testing
SPA Routing/History – make it easy for me to route between views in a single page app, with history/deep linking

Read Full Articles:

Happy Programming !!!

Jay Ganesh


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