Building Modern Web Apps with ASP.NET – A new day of free ASP.NET Training for 2014

These videos are featuring folks like Scott Hunter, Levi Broderick, Rowan Miller, Pranav Rastogi, Mads Kristensen, and Louis DeJardin. Actual developers that work on ASP.NET every day.

1) What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 for Web Developers – Learn about the latest features in Visual Studio 2013, including dozens of tips and tricks.

2) Upgrading Applications – Get a deep dive on how to upgrade your older applications to ASP.NET 4.5 and later.

3) ASP.NET Identity – Explore the new ASP.NET Identity system. Learn how to migrate your existing membership data to the new Identity system and how to integrate with other membership systems.

4) Web Essentials and the Client Side – Discover how to build modern client-side applications, more simply and quickly, with a host of new features, tips, and tricks in Web Essentials for Visual Studio.

5) Entity Framework – Have you been using Entity Framework for data access in your web app? In this advanced demo-heavy session, learn the latest features of Entity Framework 6 and get sneak previews of what’s coming in version 6.1.

6) The “Katana” Project – Hear the latest on “Project Katana,” the Microsoft implementation of Open Web Interface for .NET. It’s a glimpse of the future for cloud-optimizing your ASP.NET applications.

7) ASP.NET “Project Helios” – Discover “Project Helios,” a prototype representing the re-thinking of the core of ASP.NET. Take a look at the future of web development, with a modular, lightweight OWIN host that runs on Internet Information Services (IIS).

For more information, click here.

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