Animation in Silverlight

In this Article, you will be learning the fundamental concepts of Animations in Silverlight Application, which includes Animation Types, namespace details, classes, objects used, implementation of different types of animations with XAML and with C# code.

Table of Content:

  1. Overview
  2. Introduction to Silverlight Animations
  3. What is Silverlight Animation?
  4. What is the namespace used in Silverlight Animations?
  5. Timeline
  6. What are the Types of Animations in Silverlight?
  7. Define Animation types
  8. What is Storyboard?
  9. Storyboard Properties
  10. Storyboard Methods
  11. How to implement the Animation?
  12. What are the important properties/Methods used in the Animation?
    1. Duration
    2. BeginTime
    3. AutoReverse
    4. RepeatBehavior
    5. FillBehavior
    6. SpeedRatio
  13. How to trigger the Storyboard Begin event with XAML?
  14. Example of ColorAnimation
  15. Example of DoubleAnimation
  16. Example of PointAnimation
  17. Example of Animation with Code behind
  18. Animation in XAML versus Animation in Code
  19. Start, Stop, Pause, and Resume an Animation

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