Yahoo! News Rotator using jQuery, CSS, JSON, and ASP.NET

This Yahoo! news rotator control gives us the possibility of displaying several main news stories within the same area of a web page. News is taken apart to several pages in order to place them in a specified area. Each page also contains a couple of news items.

The control uses jQuery to:

  •     Send a jQuery AJAX request to a web server to get news in JSON format
  •     Bind data (news in the form of JSON) to HTML controls
  •     Set the control style after data binding
  •     Navigate between news
  •     Interact with user
  •     Change and set styles
  •     Do JavaScript effects

The news rotator control uses ASP.NET to gather news from a news storage (for example, database, XML file, RSS, …), to cast news into a custom type (NewsItem), then convert a collection of NewsItem objects to JSON format and send it to the client as a news rotator datasource.

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Hope this helps !!!

Jay Ganesh


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