Base Page For Detecting Session Timeout in ASP.Net/C#

In this tutorial we will be going over how to create a base page class to handle your sessions. The number one question I get asked time and time again is how to manage sessions, and how to detect if a session has expired. Back in the days before .Net things were a little more complicated when it came to solving this riddle, but with the advent of the .Net Framework 2.0 a new class was introduced, the HttpSessionState Class, which is a member of the System.Web.SessionState Namespace. The new HttpSessionState Class gives us access to session state items and other lifetime management methods.

One of the items in the HttpSessionState class we will be looking at is the IsNewSession Property. This property lets us know whether the current session was created wtih the current request, or if it was an existing session. This is invaluable as we can use it to determine if the users session had expired or timed out. The IsNewSession Property is more robust and advanced then simply checking if the session is null because it takes into account a session timeout as well.

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