If At First You Don’t Succeed – Retrying Mail Operations in .NET

Mail sent from your application didn’t go through? Don’t give up so easily! The majority of mail server interruptions are very temporary in nature, lasting only a few seconds. Instead of failing right away, why not give your SMTP client another shot?

As I’m sure you’re very aware, sending email from applications is an extremely common task. For example, just about every web site has a “Contact Us’ page of some sort. Yours are probably much prettier that the screenshot below, but the idea is the same.


If you only need to send mail from this one place, you might stick the required code directly in the code-behind of your contact page. However, most applications need to send mail for all kinds of reasons – to confirm new member signups, subscription requests, password changes and resets, and various other notifications based on your business rules. Therefore, it’s much more convenient to encapsulate the mail-sending logic and just call it from wherever you need to, as below.

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