Important Silverlight Tutorials for Beginners

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Important FAQ questions for WPF and SilverLight:

  • What is the need of WPF when we had GDI, GDI+ and DirectX?
  • How does hardware acceleration work with WPF?
  • Does that mean WPF has replaced DirectX?
  • So can we define WPF in a precise way?
  • What is XAML?
  • So is XAML meant only for WPF ?
  • Can you explain the overall architecture of WPF?
  • Which are the different namespaces and classes in WPF ?
  • Can explain the different elements involved in WPF application practically?
  • What are dependency properties?
  • Are XAML file compiled or built on runtime?
  • Can you explain how we can separate code and XAML?
  • How can we access XAML objects in behind code?
  • What kind of documents are supported in WPF?
  • What is SilverLight ?
  • Come on, even WPF runs under browser why SilverLight ?
  • Can SilverLight run in other platforms other than window?
  • What is the relationship between Silver Light, WPF and XAML?
  • Can you explain SilverLight architecture?

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SilverLight FAQ part 2 (Animations and Transformations)

  • What is the definition of animation from Silver light perspective?
  • What is a timeline in Silver light?
  • What are the different kinds of animation supported by Silverlight?
  • Can you explain doubleanimation , coloranimation and pointanimation ?
  • What is a story board?
  • Can we see a simple silverlight animation to just get started?
  • What are the different ways in which silver light does transformation?
  • Silverlight VS Flash good news and bad news

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SilverLight’s FAQ – Part 3

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  • Can you explain one way and two way bindings?
  • Can you explain One time binding?
  • Can you demonstrate a Simple example of OneWay and TwoWay?
  • What are the different ways provided to do layout in SilverLight?
  • Can you explain how Canvas layout actually works?
  • How can we implement Grid Layout?
  • How can we implement Stack Layout?
  • What are the different steps involved in consuming WCF service in Silverlight?
  • Why can’t we consume ADO.NET directly in SilverLight?
  • How can we do database operation using SilverLight?

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