Debugging SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedures in Visual Studio

Here is 2 important link :

  • With Microsoft SQL Server 2000 it was possible to debug stored procedures from directly within Query Analyzer (see Debugging a SQL Stored Procedure from inside SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer for more information). With SQL Server 2005, however, this functionality was moved out of SQL Server Management Studio and into the Visual Studio IDE. Using this technique, it is possible to step into your stored procedures, one statement at a time, from within Visual Studio. It is also possible to set breakpoints within your stored procedures’ statements and have these breakpoints hit when debugging your application…

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  • This article walks through the basics of debugging stored procedures using Visual Studio 2005. It covers breakpoints, watches and stepping through code. It was written by Chris Rock and includes his very unique sense of humor.

    One of my favorites activities while working is debugging. A little weird yes, but I’ve always had an affinity towards taking things apart and putting them back together. I haven’t always had success. As a kid I destroyed many toys and pieces of furniture (office chairs) just to find out how they work. I am a curious person by nature and like to figure out how something works OR why something isn’t working. Alright, enough about my lame personality…

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