ASP.NET MVC – Pluggable application modules/components/area/features

This article discuss about how to develop ASP.NET MVC application which has loosely coupled modules (or features) which can be developed separately without any directly dependency and those modules can be plugged-in to main application without any extra bit of code.

Business Value:
This is specifically useful for product development. Using this approach, each module can be developed separately and deployed/shipped with product separately. This helps in building different version of product like: Basic, professional, premium and enterprise. This loosely coupled feature approach enables to either build separate installer with required features as per different versions or master setup which can install only defined features as per license key used during installation.

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Building a shopping cart with SignalR, ASP.NET Web API and Knockout.js

In this tutorial we will go through a process of building a sample shopping cart with real time capabilities. On top of that, we’ll also throw in a real time admin order overview.

The technologies used will include:

  • Knockout.js – for reactive client side data binding
  • ASP.NET Web API – as an API to retrieve data and send orders to the server side
  • SignalR – to notify interested parties in changes to the item stock quantities & order status

Since the topic of building a functional e-commerce solution is obviously extremely broad, we will take a few simplifications, which will allow us to focus our attention on the real time aspects of the cart and avoid distractions. We will treat security (user login/logout) and data persistence (we’ll just store the data in memory) as out of scope.

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Questions About Pivoting Data in SQL Server You Were Too Shy to Ask

Of all the basic SQL operations, the pivot seems to cause the most problems. We can tell from the way that old articles on Simple-Talk on the topic continue to be read. It turns out that there are several questions that come to mind while learning about pivoting, but which are seldom asked on forums. Once more, Robert Sheldon attempts to answer these unspoken questions.

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Using Entity Framework with an Existing Database: User Interface

Pre-existing databases can pose some difficulties for software developers using an ORM. To demonstrate ways of circumventing  them, Jon Smith builds an ASP.NET MVC application  with Entity Framework (EF) to provide a user interface to Microsoft’s AdventureWorks sample SQL database. He shares his design approach for displaying and updating this data with real examples from the test web application he built.

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“Article of the day” @ ASP.NET Microsoft Website for Dec 22 , 2014

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Happy to announce that my article entitled “WCF Security – How do I restrict user access to methods in WCF?” has been selected as “Article of the day” @ASP.NET Microsoft Official Website for Dec 22, 2014.

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