BizTalk Server: List of Errors and Warnings, Causes, and Solutions

Recently, I was doing some BizTalk Projects where I have to develop and deploy some BizTalk Interfaces for my project. As I am new to BizTalk I have done some googling to get help on different issues we faced during deployment of these BizTalk Interfaces.

During searching on internet, I found this one stop solution for all the BizTalk problems like “Orchestration Design Issues” , “Schema Design Issues” , “Deployment Issues”, “Debugging Issues” and “Deployment issues”.

This article is intended to be a knowledge base of all Errors and Warnings, Causes and Solutions documented in all stages of BizTalk. So sharing the same with you all. It might help you to solve your BizTalk issues.

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Microsoft has added exciting features in every new version of ASP.NET MVC that make developers more comfortable building scalable web applications easily. In this ASP.NET MVC tutorial, we will have a quick look into new and important features introduced in major versions of Microsoft ASP.NET MVC starting from MVC3 to MVC6.

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CRUD operations using AngularJS and MVC 5 with Bootstrap

This article explain CRUD (Create,Read,Update,Delete) operations using AngularJS and Web API. It also explain usage of:

  • Bootstrap to beautify the UI with popup models.
  • AngularJS Services ($http) to communicate with API server.

Read full article by @mitechdev:

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Bootstrap form validation in AngularJS

Using AngularJS with the Bootstrap CSS framework makes it trivially simple to implement form validation on your site. You just need to use the ngClass directive to apply the ‘has-error’ class when the input value is invalid.

Paul Yoder has written very good article which explain how to use Bootstrap form validation in right way to give good user experience.

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Git commit deadlock – uncommitted change would be overwritten by merge


When I was trying to Sync the changes after Commit using VS 2013 Git I got error message

“An error occurred. Detailed message: 1 uncommitted change would be
overwritten by merge”

and Pull action is cancelled.

So I tried to find out the solution for the error and found that:

This error comes when there are Untracked files that were not part of the local Commit, but are part of the remote Pull; the merge resolution cannot deal with this scenario.

Solution :

  1. View the Team Explorer > Changes dialogue.
  2. Verify that any Untracked files that actually reside in the server branch are to be included in your Commits; to do this, right-click and select Add. Alternatively, if you intend them to be overwritten, you can select Delete.
  3. Perform a Commit, and then a Pull, and perform any merge conflict resolution that is required.
  4. Perform a Push to update your Remote repository.

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