SQL Server Data Tools to Visual Studio 2013 – Database Reverse Engineering

Microsoft created SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2013, to make development easier.

  • Single Tool to support developer’s needs
  • Can build, debug, test, maintain, and refactor databases
  • Developers can use familiar Visual Studio tools for database development
    • Code navigation, IntelliSense, C# language, platform-specific validation
      • Debugging, and declarative editing in the Transact-SQL editor
  • Works connected or disconnected (Tools work on top of design time)
  • Have Schema Model differencing capabilities (Compare and Update Model)
  • Schema and app under TFS control
  • Publish to all supported SQL platforms

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Execute Long Running SQL Statements Asynchronously from .NET


This tip aims at understanding the fundamental concept of asynchronous execution, i.e., how to use worker thread in colloboration with ADO.NET’s BeginExecute & EndExecute feature to avoid UI freeze.


Below are the 2 main issues that arise when your application is intended to deal with huge data:

  1. SQL Server takes significant time to process (long running SQL statements) which leads to blocking the execution of your .NET code.

  2. Main thread or UI thread also gets blocked till the response from the SQL Server.

These issues are the serious issues while building interactive applications. User patience is an unpredictable parameter and user’s reaction against long waiting screen is uncertain. At-least UI shouldn’t freeze to engage the user and make him wait for the result.

Since, transactional SQL statements will definitely take time to process the things, the quickest solution sought is on the application programming level. Also, it is known that MS SQL server takes each & every call as synchronous, even if you change the connection string property AsynchronousProcessing to true. It is client application (C#, .NET) which gets affected. So, below are some widely used solutions.

Cancellation Token mechanism – so that user can cancel ongoing longer execution if they are unwilling to wait.

Callback mechanism – so that UI thread can’t get blocked

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JSON Support in SQL Server 2016

Microsoft has announced that they will provide JSON Support in SQL Server 2016 CTP2. FOR JSON clause is introduced for the same.

Jovan Popovic written very good articles which explain features of FOR JSON clause in detail:

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Integrating TinyMCE into an MVC 5 Project

Can I use TinyMCE with ASP.NET MVC? Or Web Forms?
Of course you can. TinyMCE is simply a pure Javascript rich text editor that has no reliance on MVC, Web Forms or any other server-side related technology. All you need to use it is some simple HTML markup and the appropriate TinyMCE Javascript and content files (which are included within the download).

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